Right of Way Notice


Right of Way obstructions


With snowfall coming, residents who are using the roadway right of ways for log storage are asked to have logs and yard debris removed from the right of way by December 1st.  This is to ensure adequate room for snow removal.


The town will be removing hazardous tree trunks from the right of way as long as weather permits.  Trunks will be cut back to the right of way (normally 33’ from road center) or to the tree line, which ever is smaller and provides for safety.  Logs will be left on the ground if safe to leave them.  Stumps will be cut flush with the ground and/or repositioned in the hole they created.  Stumps that are unable to be made safe by town crews and pose a hazard to traffic, are the responsibility of the land owner.  People with displaced stumps will be notified by US mail regarding removal options and time line.


Residents are also reminded that state statute prohibits permanent structures in the right of way.  This includes concrete driveways and walkways.  Oconto County ordinance 14.414 also regulates gates as follows:  All cable, chain, rope and wire gates are hereby PROHIBITED. Existing gates are NOT GRANDFATHERED.