WINTER Recycle Center Hours

The Doty recycle center will be reducing its operating hours starting February 1st.  This is a temporary change (which may become permanent) due to the availability of attendants.  The town is pursuing the hiring of additional attendants.  We are holding off on the change until February 1st to ensure as many people as possible are aware of the change.  The town determined that while Wednesday was the least used day, it would be prudent to continue to keep the center open that day (at reduced hours) to accommodate residents.  Sundays are the most used day, and its hours will not change.


Winter hours, from January through April are:

Wednesday     9 am – 11 am              (Starts Feb 1st, 2020)

Saturday        9 am – 11 am              (Starts Feb 1st, 2020)

Sunday          1 pm – 4 pm


Summer hours run from May through the end of December and are:

Wednesday     9 am – 11 am

Saturday        9 am – noon

Sunday          1 pm – 4 pm


These times will be evaluated if an applicant is found and hired to be an attendant and through out this winter and summer to see if it needs to be further modified.  Holiday weekends, Deer hunting and other events have been considered in selecting the times and dates