Spring Weight Limits for Town Roads – March 6, 2020


Weight restrictions will go into effect on certain Oconto County highways effective March 6th, 2020 at 4:00 p.m. and remain in effect until further notice.

School buses, emergency vehicles, milk/seed potato/livestock haulers, perishable food haulers, solid waste haulers collecting residential or commercial waste, and septage hauling will be EXEMPT from the road restrictions.

Fuel/gas haulers will be allowed to transport ½ of their normal legal loads. However, all carriers are encouraged to suspend operations and contact the Oconto County Highway Department at 920-834-6886 if visible road damage is encountered.

All effected roads will be posted with weight specific restrictions. Permits to exceed posted weight limits will require 48 hour advance notice and will be approved for emergency use only.
This information will be forwarded to the Wisconsin State Patrol and the Oconto County Sheriff’s Department. Information regarding posted roads can be found on the County website. Any other information regarding these weight restrictions can be obtained by contacting the
Oconto County Highway Department at: 920-834-6886.