COVID 19 reopening


Town of Doty Statement on the COVID-19 Virus (5/15/2020)




               This response has been completely rewritten following the WI supreme court decision invalidating the governors safer at home order.  As restrictions and recommendations are changing frequently, people are advised to verify current status with the controlling entity (Forest Service, DNR, County, etc.)  This status is current as of 5/15/2020.


               The town of Doty will continue to operate per County, State and National direction it receives.  Current recommendations are for no more than 10 people present for social gatherings.  Town residents and businesses are requested to comply with the recommendations set forth by Oconto County department of public health with regards to social distancing and mask use. The text of this guidance document can be found at {https://bit.ly/36300XC}. The below actions are what the town is requiring for interaction with the town only.


Recycle center – Winter hours will continue through 5/20/2020.  Starting Saturday 5/23/2020, summer hours will be in effect.  The facility will also be open on Memorial Day from 1 pm to 4 pm as well.  Large item and pay to dispose items will be accepted.  EXACT CHANGE is required.  The attendant shack is for the attendant only.   He is also able to assist with unloading of heavy items.  Please avoid using the area for ‘social gatherings.’  If there is a line to use the area, please wait in your vehicle until you can dispose of your materials.  No more than ten people are allowed outside their vehicles in the area.  Waste oil collection is still prohibited due to storm damage.  NOTE: Large item and pay to dispose items will be temporarily suspended sometime after Memorial Day for fence repairs and paving in the area.  More info will be provided as the date approaches.


Town Hall / Town Clerk/treasurer – We recommend that people needing services either call or use the ‘contact us’ feature on the town website to conduct town business.  The clerk/treasurer office will be open ONLY on Tuesdays (10am – 2pm) through the end of May.  Business will only be conducted at the hallway sliding window or doorway.  Starting in JUNE, the Clerk/treasurer will be open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 am to 2 pm and the Third Saturday of the Month.  Appointments are also available.  NOTE that Friday hours are replaced by the Thursday hours.  Other actions will be seen around the hall to promote cleanliness and social distancing.  Use of the town hall starting in June will be by a case by case basis limited by social distancing requirements.   Use is restricted to either the 10-person limit or social distance limit (currently 21 people plus the town board and clerk).


Fire / EMS – operating as normal.  No station tours through June 1st.  We will respond to all 911 calls.  When calling dispatch, expect to be asked about any fever or respiratory conditions.  The DNR has suspended all burning permits until further notice.  Campfires for warming or cooking are allowed but discouraged.




Doty Town Board