State of Wisconsin Mask Mandate

Effective 8/1/2020, the Governor requires masks in most public settings.  The Town of Doty is following this order as follows:


Conducting business at the town hall – Visitors, contractors and employees at the town hall must wear a mask unless they are the only person present at the town hall or in an area with no other people present and nobody else is expected to be present.

Road crews – The road crew must wear a mask in the garage and vehicles if anybody else is in the garage or vehicle.  While working outside, masks are only required if unable to maintain at least 6’ distance from other workers.  Workers should have masks available for use on jobsites.


Recycle center – Only employees are allowed in the attendant shed (garage).  Employees are to wear masks while in the attendant shed (garage) if multiple employees are present.  Due to the close quarters with the temporary dump set-up, masks are required of employees when outside and unable to maintain at least 6’ distancing.  Residents using the facility are requested to wear masks when outside their vehicles.


Use of Town hall – only governmental uses will be allowed (Census, WIDOT, town, lake assn, etc).  People present must wear masks and maintain at least 6’ distance


Voting – Workers and public are to wear masks while inside.  If possible, workers eating meals should stagger their breaks and eat alone in the kitchen.  Workers are not to eat in the town hall, but may drink beverages when no voters are present near their station


Governmental meetings – All people present are to maintain at least a 6’ distance and wear masks at all times.


Firefighting – Follow instructions of Chief or OIC while on scene.  Masks should be worn if possible when more than one person is in a vehicle and while at station.


All instructions and exceptions listed in the governor’s order are valid (ie. no mask if a medical condition prevents mask wearing).  These items are subject to change based on guidance from the WTA and other entities or if a court order changes any of the Governor’s order