Doty is turning 100


In 2022, the Town of Doty will be turning 100 years old.  In 1922, the Township of Armstrong (originally encompassing the towns of Wheeler (Townsend and Lakewood), Riverview, Doty and Mountain) was split as the population had grown large enough to require separate governmental divisions.  From an initial census in 1930 of 66 people to our current 265, the town has changed, but yet stayed true to its logging roots.  The town has weathered war, depression, recession, severe storms and a pandemic.


We are planning several events to commemorate the town centennial in 2022.  To plan and prepare for this unique event, the town will form an ad hoc committee.  Interested parties wishing to be on this committee should inform the town clerk prior to the FEBRUARY town board meeting.  Questions will be answered at the January meeting.  The committee will be formed at the February 2021 board meeting and continue through the end of 2022.