Town of Doty – Weight Limits – UPDATE

UPDATE: 2/2 The county is posting their highways on Monday, 2/5.  Doty will post ALL remaining town roads on Monday 2/5 as well.  High temperatures are forecast to be in the 40’s for the next 7-10 days.  Paved roads are showing signs of thaw along the edges where they are the most susceptable to damage.  Other towns in the area are also posting their roads.  Contact the town if a permit is needed to exceed the weight limits.
ORIGINAL:  Due to the warm weather that is expected to continue for the foreseeable future, the Town of Doty is placing weight limits on several GRAVEL roads starting at 9am Friday February 2nd.  These roads include Mountain Lakes, Blue Spruce, Old Grave, Saul Springs, Eickhoff, Rose Lake, North Saul Springs and several others.  These roads are thawing and are susceptible to damage by heavy vehicles and are already showing rutting from light vehicles as the picture shows..
The PAVED roads in the town and several other gravel roads are not showing signs of thaw and will not be posted at this time.  As conditions change, more roads may need to be posted.  This alert will be updated with changes to weight limits, but signage is the official legal notice of weight limits.
Should winter return and the roads refreeze, weight limits will be removed.  People needing to exceed the weight limits should contact the town to receive a (free) permit to use the roads.  This permit will have restrictions as needed to prevent road damage.
Other towns in the area are evaluating their roads and will post as appropriate.