Town of Doty Status

The town suffered major storm damage this weekend.  All of northern Oconto County and state were effected.  Power is slowly being restored from Hwy 32 outward.  Plan on no power for at least a week, the further out you are.  Town management is working around the clock to ensure safety and security.  Currently all paved roads are passable. 

The town hall is currently open as a shelter.  Food and water are available.  The Red Cross will be in Monday with take home meals, comfort kits and recovery information.

Please be safe: Stay away from power lines, they may be energized at anytime.  Be careful cutting trees, more may fall and some down ones may be unter pressure.  Ensure any contractor you hire is reputable and has insurance.  Many fly by night groups are already in the area.

We are working on securing a brush site.  Until one can be found, continue to use Rivereview.

A list of contacts and information is posted at the town hall.

An emergency has been declared by the Town, County and State.

All town lakes are now SLOW-NO-WAKE due to floating debris, submerged debris and high water levels.

The missing dogs owner have been found and reunited with their pet.