Doty Recycle Center re-opening

The green box corral will start to accept all waste starting Wednesday, August 18th.  Some streams will be delayed due to contractors needing to move containers.  Please follow instructions of the attendants regarding specific items.  The attached map shows the new layout.  https://townofdoty.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/08182000.pdf

Also starting Wednesday, traffic will enter the enterance gate and exit the exit gate to get to the waste and recycle dumpsters until they can be moved.  Scrap metal, appliances and tires will be placed in the concrete block areas.  Electronics will go into a trailer temporarilly.

Until the 30 yd dumpster and waste oil drum are moved, large items and oil can NOT be accepted.  Large items should be able to be collected by this weekend – call ahead.