Spring Road Maintenance

With the majority of the snow melted, spring road maintenance can begin.  Here are the planned projects in the town:

Heavy brushing performed by the county has begun on North Big Island Ln and will continue with Quill Lake Ln and Brown Ln.  Work on Quill and Brown will not be as ‘abrupt’ as Big Island.  Please stay clear of the heavy equipment when it is in operation.

Town crews will be out picking up and chipping material that was cut during the December ice storm.  Some cut stumps and damaged trees will also be removed.  Once these items are removed, normal brushing will begin.

Sweeping of town roads and parking lots will start in early May and will be completed prior to Memorial Day weekend.  Shouldering and mowing will occur later, when appropriate.

Road grading will start in early May.  Gravel will also be added to roads where needed.  Currently there is a washout across Eickhoff Rd near the farm fields and a smaller washout along the edge further west in the woods.  There is also a hole in the middle of Mountain Lakes Rd about halfway between the lakes and Blue Spruce Rd.  These areas are posted with signs.

Weight limits will come off of MOST towns this week.  Some gravel roads in wooded areas may need to remain posted a bit longer.  Repairs to signs will also occur as time permits.

Road projects planned for later this summer (subject to change based on bids) include repaving N. Star Lake Ln and widening it.  Residents on the road will be notified and the town will move mailboxes as needed for the priject.  Planters and plantings will not be moved by the town.  Gravel and other work will occur on Deer Siding Ln.  Work will continue on the Lori Ln retention pond.  The culvert on Boulder Lake Lodge Ln at County T may have to be replaced.  We are trying to find both ends of it and consulting with the county to see who is responsible for the culvert.  The Forest Service will remove the culverts on Saul Springs Rd and replace them with a precast concrete structure either this summer/fall or next year.  More info will be provided once they notify the town of their plans.

Other projects can occur based on funding availability.