Town of Doty News!

Here are some goings on in the Town of Doty

Road work – North Star Lake Ln was repaved this week.  Shouldering will occur in 2-4 weeks.  Potholes will be patched on Pine Ridge this fall.  The gravel roads have been graded again and will be graded once more in the late fall. Next years planned work includes repaving Echo Vally Ln and Boulder Lodge Ln.  The Forest Service will replace the culverts on Saul Springs Rd.  (Future work subject to change)

Brushing – Work continues throughout the town.  Next year’s big project is being determined.  A new grant is available.  The town will be applying for this grant to get equipment for brushing.

Misc – Gypsy moths (Spongy moths is the new preferred name) are starting to make nests on trees.  They are prevalent in the northern parts of the town.  These moths are destructive.  If possible, look at trees on your property and remove the critters.  There are articles online explaining how to do this.

Fire protection – Curbside chipping letters have been mailed, with chipping to occur in September.  Leaf and needle pick-up letters will be sent later to eligible property owners.

Dump – Winter hours start December 1st.  The 30 yd container will be removed for the winter following gun deer season.  We are evaluating pricing for large amounts of household waste.

Ordinances – Lake ordinances are being looked at regarding excessive wakes caused by “wake boats.”  Public hearing is Saturday, Sept 2nd.  Doty, along with the other northern towns are passing ordinances to regulate short term rentals (Airbnb, vrbo, etc) and have a room tax.  Policy would go into effect on January 1st.  The town also passed a camping ordinance for non-forest service campgrounds.  The town is also preparing a public nuisance ordinance.

Fire Association – The picnic was a success.  Emailed receipts are being sent as the donations are processed.  If you haven’t received an e-mail, check your junk or spam folder.  There were 3 email addresses that were undeliverable.  We will send mailed receipts to the undeliverable emails late this year.  The new nozzles have arrived and are on the trucks.  We are waiting to see if we were awarded a grant for new SCBA.

Recreation – The town park will officially open soon.  We are just waiting on the sign.  This park was funded solely by donations.  Future plans include a gazebo and other upgrades in the coming years.  The town is also looking into a kayak launch for the north boat landing on Star Lake.

ATV and snowmobiles – Please obey speed limits and avoid doing damage to roads.  As a reminder, the town roads that double as snowmobile routes are required to be plowed and maintained passable at all times.  We attempt to leave a little snow on those roads, but due to state law, vehicles have the priority.  The town is working with its state legislator to change this law to allow some roads to remain unplowed, but this takes time.

Snowplowing – The town contracts to clear roads following a snowstorm.  Unless it is a long duration storm, the roads are plowed after the snow stops falling.  The priority for snow removal is as follows:

  1. Any road that requires access for an active emergency (EMS, FIRE, LAW)

               2a.          School bus routes

               2b.         Major thru roads (Island Lake, Archibald Lake)

  1. Minor thru roads and major dead ends (Tree Farm Rd, Old Log Siding, Bear Ln)
  2. `Remaining dead ends
  3. Forest service roads (Saul Springs, Old Grave Rd)

The order also depends on equipment, some roads need smaller vehicles to plow them as the large truck will not fit.  Depending on the type of snow, the grader may be needed to initially open a road or push the banks back.

Remember that State law prohibits people from plowing or depositing snow on or across a roadway.