Town of Doty – COVID – 19 Response

 Town of Doty Statement on the COVID-19 Virus (REV. 3/24/2020)

Items in red indicate changes from initial posting.  The town of Doty will continue to operate per County, State and National direction it receives.  The Governor has enacted a “stay-at-home” order until April 24.  https://content.govdelivery.com/attachments/WIGOV/2020/03/24/file_attachments/1409408/Health%20Order%20%2312%20Safer%20At%20Home.pdf  However, this may continue until mid-May per the CDC or even longer per other medical institutions.  Town government must comply with many limitations to continue to operate (some of which conflict with each other).  The items in this notice are accurate and current as of posting (Tuesday, March 24th, 2020.) 

Recycle center – Hours will remain the same to help spread out use of the area.  The attendant shack is for the attendant only.  He is able to assist with unloading of heavy items.  Please avoid using the area for ‘social gatherings.’  If there is a line to use an open dumpster or the scrap metal pile, please wait in your vehicle until you can dispose of your materials.  No more than 10 people are allowed outside of their vehicles (including the attendant) at any time.  Starting Saturday, 3/28, the receipt of large items, electronics, tires and other pay items are temporarily suspended.  Please hold those items at your residence until further notice.  Exceptions will be made for safety or sanitary reasons (ie. water damages a mattress).  Please contact Andy Dryja or Andrew Stemp prior to bringing in one of these items.  Waste oil collection is also temporarily suspended until the secondary containment is de-watered.  Snow melt due to roof damage in the storm has filled this to the brim and there is no room for overflow oil.  This should be corrected soon after we get a warm day or two to melt the ice layer. 

Town Hall / Town Clerk/treasurer – People needing services should either call or use the ‘contact us’ feature on the town website to conduct town business.  We know that not everybody has internet or may have business that must be conducted in person due to documents or signatures so the clerk/treasurer will be available on Tuesdays (10am – 2pm) by appointment ONLY – call first.  Business will only be conducted at the hallway sliding window or doorway.  The clerk will also be working from home and will conduct business via phone and internet on Fridays (no access to office).  Saturday hours are suspended.  Other actions will be seen around the hall to promote cleanliness and social distancing.  All non-governmental use of town hall (ie. Weddings and other gatherings) are cancelled until May 17th (none were scheduled anyway).  Governmental use is restricted to the 50-person limit.

Fire / EMS – operating as normal.  No station tours through May 17th.  Commercial building fire inspections are on hold.  We will respond to all 911 calls.  When calling dispatch, expect to be asked about any fever or respiratory conditions.

Town Board – We have some guidance on how to best conduct town board meetings and the annual town meeting.  Meetings will continue as scheduled if there is vital business to conduct.  The next meeting currently is scheduled on April 21st.  This same information also is applicable for the annual meeting on the same date.  The town approved an ordinance for the payment of bills without board pre-approval at an emergency meeting just before the stay at home order.  It allows the clerk and chairman to pay bills after checking their validity.  The town board reviews at the next meeting.  There are also statutes which allow the adjournment of the annual meeting and BOR to a later date after the initial convening.  The town commonly uses this for the BOR as the assessment rolls are not complete in May.  As the meeting date is before April 24th, a decision will be made closer to the April meeting if we should use this for the annual meeting.  The board is also looking at remote meeting capabilities via ‘skype’, ‘gotomeeting’ or other method.  This is allowed by the state, provided the public can “call-in” to listen.  There are some technical issues to resolve as well as limitations in its use.  Regardless, if the town decides to use this method, it would have to be voted on at an in-person meeting, be restricted to certain uses and have an ordinance crafted to allow it.  Items which are expected to draw a large amount of people to a town hall meeting will be postponed until after the meeting restrictions are relaxed.  This may include the Bass Lake ordinance, the code of ordinances and other items.

Election – We are waiting on guidance.  It currently will go as scheduled on April 7th.  Please use absentee voting as allowed by state law (see www.elections.wi.gov).  If voting in person, you will see more sanitizing and cleaning at the town hall.  In person absentee voting and voter registration will occur per state law at the clerk’s office by appointment ONLY.  On-line registration has been extended.  If voting in person, please follow the instructions of election workers regarding distancing and hand cleaning.

Roads – Road maintenance will continue (snow plowing, fallen tree removal, sign repair).  Road weight limits are currently in effect, so no other work is planned until after frost conditions allow.  We are waiting to hear from contractors regarding the planned summer road construction season.

The above actions are designed to allow essential town operations while minimizing person to person contact between the public and town employees for everybody’s benefit.  The town made it through the wind storm of 2019 and we will make it through the “virus storm” of 2020.  Take care of yourselves and look in at your neighbors to ensure they are safe as well.

Doty Town Board