Remote access for Board meetings


The town approved remote meetings (zoom) at a previous board meeting and will be testing this capability.  The board is also evaluating different services and plans.  To accomplish this, a portion of the January board meeting will be available over zoom.  While the meeting will physically be held at the town hall with all board members present, a remote meeting will be set-up so towns people can log in to view and possibly participate.


Due to the limits of the free plan, only 40 minutes of meeting time are available for broadcast, so if you wish to see the entire meeting, please attend in person.  As the meeting is NOT being held with board members at remote locations and a quorum will exist at the town hall, the entire meeting doesn’t have to be available on-line or accessible.  Since we are still determining how to run a remote meeting during a physical meeting, we may not be able to quickly admit people electronically once the physical meeting starts and may mute participants for testing and perform other ‘behind the scenes’ items to determine the complexity of conducting a meeting remotely.


The free plan currently only allows internet access (via computer or smart phone) and not dial in (at least I can’t find that option).  Log-in info will be provided at the bottom of the agenda, which will be posted the week of 1/4/2021.


The eventual goal is to make physical board meetings available remotely so residents and land-owners who are unable to attend in person can stay informed of town business.  Likewise, should a blizzard, pandemic or other major disaster prevent an in-person physical meeting, this will allow us to conduct the meetings remotely.