ATV routes on County Highways

The Hidden Bear ATV club is requesting the County open a portion of County Highway T and W in the Town of Doty to ATV traffic.  One of their first steps is to get town support prior to going before the county for approval.

The Town will decide to reccommend or not reccommend these routes at the regular July Board Meeting.  An agenda will be published closer to the date.

The portions of County Highways that may be discussed are:

CTH T between Star Lake Rd and Eickhoff Rd.  (This segment would make a currently highly traveled illegal route legal).

CTH T between Bismark Ln and CTH W

CTH W between Mountain Lakes Rd and the Langlade County Line.

(These two segments would allow existing routes from the south and north to connect to the Langlade county trail system via CTH WW, WI 55 and CTH M in Langlade County.  The current local access route on CTH T would become a through route.  The Red Pine subdivision would get access to the ATV trail system.)

The Town doesnt approve the routes.  The County approves or disapproves the routes after reviewing input from the Town and others.

Discussion and possible action of the current route on CTH W between Shingle Mill and Sheep Ranch roads due to a citizen complaint.