We want to hear your town stories!

The town centennial committee wants to hear your stories of the town.  We are putting together a book of town history and would like to get as many family stories from townspeople.  Many great and interesting events have happened.

Did you go to one of the two schools in the town?

Did you see one of the many wild fires in the town (1917, 1925, 1953, 1961 or others)?

Did you go through the 1971 or 2007 tornado?

Do you remember the Oconto County Phantom?

Did you use the old Doty dump or the dumpsters scattered about the town?

Were you a town employee or elected official?

Do you have pictures or other mementos of historic events or day to day life?

We are especially interested in obtaining portraits of the early town founders (Doty, Statler, Trickel, Hamlin, Zitske and others), and their homesteads.

We want to hear from you.  We will return all photos or mementos after scanning or photographing them.  Your story may become part of our history book.  You may have a key piece of town history.

Submit any stories, questions, requests or photos to Dotyhistory2022@gmail.com.  We can also interview you by phone or in person.

We are planning events for 2022.  See the plans under the centennial tab on the town website!  We can also use another member on the centennial committee.  Please consider helping us plan for our 100 year celebration!