December 15th – Inclement weather / Town roads notice

UPDATE: 12/16/2022 7pm:  Town crews have been working the past two days to clear trees from the roads for safe travel and to allow the plow to clear the roads.  While some roads have some low hanging small branches, all roads have been cleaned for now.  Highway T south of HWY 64 (controlled by the county, NOT the town) has many low hanging branches.  WPS has power restored to the town, but due to the weight of snow and ice on the trees, more outages and road blockages can occur.  Our plowing contractor will be out this evening clearing roads again and applying sand and salt.  As temperatures lower, curves, hills and intersections may become icy.

Town officials will be out this weekend, evaluating the roads and prioritzing cleanup of town roads.  Starting Monday, crews will be out removing more trees and clearing roads.  The majority of the cut trees will be placed in the ditchline and will not be chipped until spring after the snow melts.  The plow will also be out Monday, getting the roads that need more work.  We will respond to road blockages as needed this weekend as well.

Original message:  There are many trees down in the town. Town crews are working on them and inspecting town roads. The plow contractor is out clearing snow as well, but due to the downed trees, this make take longer than usual. There are also power outages, mainly south of HWY 64. Some downed trees have fallen into power lines. Our crews can NOT remove these trees until WPS repairs the wires. Please stay clear of downed wires.