Winter notices

Its almost that time of year again – where did summer go…


Winter hours for the dump will start on December 1st.

Winter hours are:  Wednesday 9 am – 11 am, Saturday 9 am – 11 am and Sunday 1 pm  – 4 pm.

The dump may be closed for inclement weather.  An alert will be on the town website should this occur, giving as much notice as possible for the event.

The dump will also be closed on Sunday December 25th and Sunday January 1st.


ALL town roads will be plowed following snowfalls greater than about 3 inches.  Plowing will also occur on select roads if drifting occurs or after multiple consecutive storms of <3 inches.  Priority is given to school bus routes, through roads, dead ends and then gravel forest co-op roads.

A sand and salt mix is used at intersections, hills and curves.  Small quantities of sand for personal non-business use is available at the Riverview sand shed behind the Riverview Town hall off Island Lake Rd

It is against town ordinance, county ordinance and state law to place snow in the roadway or to push snow across a roadway.

If trees are down due to storms or if a road needs attention, please call Randy Siewert 715 276-3875 first then John Vandenlangberg 715 850-1775.

WInter parking restrictions go into effect on December 1st.


The town hall may also close during inclement weather – as much notice as possible will be provided on the town website.

It is against town and county ordinance to use a rope, chain or wire as a gate on your driveway.

If your mailbox is damaged during snow removal, contact the town.  We will evaluate if the plow caused the damage or the widrow (snow) did.  The town will only replace mailboxes damaged by the plow itself – see town ordinances.

Please keep your diveways and walks free of ice and wide enough for emergency vehicles.